Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi guys, Tim here with a strange post today.

Today I will be going through one of the topics you wont see to often on this blog, and that is the entire Apple catalog.

I must admit I am not too big  a fan of the Mac technology (personally find it over priced and under powered). However, there definitely are some major upsides to the apple range. The main plus being its ability to sync with other Mac products in the area.

You can have

  • The iMac
  • The MacPro
  • The iTouch
  • The iPhone
  • The iPad
  • The Macbook
  • Apple TV
  • Time capsual
  • And many others

I am not one to go out and get these products just because they are considered hip. However, I must applaud apples ability to sync all these devices together to create 'The MAC'D Out Home'. I have experienced some of these houses before and the convenience is just magnificent. It seems the more apple products you get the more each one becomes more convenient.

My only complaint? The price. It will cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars to achieve this kind of connection between your devices. Something I just don't have.

Am I saying I'm a Mac fan? No, far from it. What I am saying is if you have the paper to pay for this kind of household setup, then by all means do as you wish. However for those of us who are living borderline poverty, I would suggest you find other means of becoming a gadget geek.


  1. yea, if you're a do it yourselfer macs arent the way to go

  2. How are Mac's the way to go if your a 'do it yourselfer'? That is the opposite of how I see it but whatever. I use PCs, an android phone, and I have an iPod, I like to stay diversified

  3. if macs werent expensive..i will probably buy one..

  4. I bought a macbook and even though it is pretty nifty, I still wish I used all that money on a super high end PC instead.

  5. Place them in the fridge. It's white, minimalistic and probably has some apples inside.

  6. Down with Apple!
    Also, following.

  7. Yeah I'm not a fan of paying a lot extra for things because they are white and have an apple on them.

  8. I will never understand what makes people want to throw money away on Apple computers.

  9. I agree with you fully - the price is just ridiculous when compared to relatively similar spec non-mac products.

  10. Apple! :D
    I have a Macbook Pro and an iPhone 4.

  11. Simply overpriced. I find most of the people who love them aren't the ones buying them, my girl included.

  12. I bought a macbook pro last summer... best thing i ever did!!!