Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hi it's Tim here from JWtechparts

Todays post is all about PC cases. I am a firm believer that the case is the foundation to any computer. I personally have felt that a strong case with easy access has been and is an important feature to any hardcore PC upgrader. When selecting a case, I always like to future proof mine by getting something that can go the distance no matter how large the components are inside.

So today I will show you some of my favorite cases from some of the more popular brands on the market that will catch peoples attention at your next LAN party.
(note all cases are desinged for ATX or eATX motherboards.)

Thank you to for the supplied pictures.

Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Gaming Case 

Antec TWELVE HUNDRED Full Tower Gaming Case

CoolerMaster COSMOS S 1100 Full Aluminium Black Case

Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000BWS Black Steel Case (my case)

There are many other cases that could be displayed in this post however these are the cases that have caught my attention build wise, price and aesthetics. there will be many people out there wondering why i haven't included any Lian Li cases in this post. the main reason is that i have never had the experience to work with one mainly due to there high price.

The Thermaltake armor+ 6000BWS is the current build that i am using at the moment. it is a HUGE full tower case with plenty of work space and a removable motherboard tray. The case includes front side and rear cooling with a large 23 cm fan on the side. As far as i'm aware the case is capable of supporting up to 6 case fans alone and support for 7+ hard drives.

I'm sorry about my late submission and will make sure to release my next post on time.

My next post will be the contents and performance of my own pc.

P.S. Please leave a comment telling us about what case you use or some of the other cases you are interested in.


  1. It looks like that case wants to eat your babies.

  2. I am about to build myself a new gaming rig and I have been looking at the Antec 900 but holy crap the Dark Fleet looks amazing!!! checking it out on newegg right now and I want it!!!

  3. i made quite a few builds using the old antec 900. its a nice build case. i didnt like the screw only design but i think they may have changed it for the 900 two.

  4. Wow, just saw the Antec TWELVE HUNDRED and just loved it, I'm going to build a gaming computer, and it will have an Thermaltake V4 Black Edition!

  5. Man, I don't really game anymore, but when I built my first PC from scratch I figured that the case didn't really matter so I bought an entry level one... which was ironic because you couldn't enter it. Seriously, aluminium supports and beams everywhere, and when I had to replace the power supply I just thought "f*** it, I'll just stop gaming".

    The importance of a good case, can't be underestimated! Nice blog by the way!

  6. i got the twelve hundred. great case.

  7. Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Gaming Case.... it's... beautiful...

  8. mmm these are some nice looking case!

  9. My own case isn't looking quite so nice now lol

  10. all beautiful cases.
    you should do a review in small cases tho!! like the ones for HTPC