Friday, February 11, 2011


Hi it's Tim here. Just a quicky. Today im going to be looking at some more cases. however, the cases I am showing you today are not your usual chassis. this will be a list of some of the very unique cases available for sale.


 I don't know what i'm looking at. from what i can see this case was built for portability and product testing. with its open case design and odd choice of air flow, the Antec skeleton is truly unique.

Thermaltake LEVEL 10 Extreme Gaming Station Case 

What is this I dont even... its definitely eye catching.

Thermaltake Mozart TX

This thing is an absolute behemoth. The Thermaltake Mozart TX case stands very tall and very wide. this case is capable of hosting two entire rigs inside.

These are some of the strangest cases i have seen. unfortunately i have never had the chance to work on any of these cases, so i am unsure of the practicality of these chassis.

Please leave a comment below telling us about your experience with strange and unique cases or just put in your work about these .... these.... things.


  1. Some...interesting cases there...

    I kinda want the Thermaltake LEVEL 10 Extreme Gaming Station Case though :L

  2. I really love all of those cases for not being just another box. If I had to buy one of these cases I would go with the level 10, I really like how the case is in sections, isolating high temperature devices into their own section. But at the same time the mozart could host an amazing *pair* of systems and anything you could possibly want to add onto it. Crap, now I don't know...

  3. These cases are a trip. These are something I would like to own simply for the novelty of owning one and like JR said it's not just another box.

  4. If only they weren't so expensive...

  5. Wow, those are some unique cases.

    I just got a Cooler Master CM690 II for the computer I just recently built.

  6. Those look REALLY sweet, not sure about convenience though...

  7. I kinda like the first one..but wont be too dusty after while?

  8. Looks great, I really want this thermaltake :D

  9. Nothing interesting, but I have a spare one which I would like to mod.